Don't just mask odors, eliminate them at their source and remove the stain for good!

Ready-to-use fastest acting spray to eliminate and remove the smell of "rotten milk" odors caused by common milk and formula spills and "spit ups".

Price: $8.99 16 oz - does not include shipping
Price: $11.99 32 oz - does not include shipping

Targeted and specialized solution for immediate odor control, while providing deep cleaning benefits of advanced biotechnology. Eliminates the odor at its source. Ideal for use on clothing, blankets, bedding, carpets, car seats, and upholstery.

An instant cleaning spray specifically formulated to stop odor causing bacteria found in milk. This spray has a crisp, clean scent and it's enzymatic ingredients stop spilt milk and formula instantly from forming into a commonly found "spoiled rotten" smell. Safe to use on blankets and bedding, children's clothes, carpets, car and car seats. No more crying over spilt milk! Truly, this is a parent and caregivers best friend! patent pending