Danielle Douros

Danielle Douros, creator of Save an Infant™, Milk Bee Gone™, Glam Bees™, and The Adventures of Breezy Beezy, is inspired to create products for busy parents by her love for her young daughter and the challenging task of balancing parenting with a desire to have a successful career. Raised herself by a career driven mom, she never felt anything less than a loving and nurturing environment that balanced quality time with her mother's career.

Danielle had the confidence as a young woman to pursue her interests in the business of fashion, yet to also focus on her goals to excel with a career in the NYC fast-paced professional world. Being a mere 20 minutes from the city of Manhattan, she found the attraction to the city irresistible. After obtaining the highly-esteemed position of the Personal Assistant to Mrs. Ivana Trump, she found that her goals came with much bigger expectations and she set out to make her own fortune. She found success in many areas, including being a finalist in the Miss New Jersey USA contest, which lead her to a modeling career with a well known couture line, Escada, in NYC. She has spent the longest part of her career as a highly respected executive in the pharmaceutical industry.

Currently she resides in beautiful Palm Beach, FL with her daughter Juliette. Juliette is obviously her main inspiration for her series of children's books based on a little bee named Breezy Beezy. Her goal is to explain to children that being different can be challenging, but rewarding and special as well. Danielle's strong belief that good parenting is paramount in her child's life has motivated her to make tough decisions to ensure her child's future. Although she believes in the traditional family settings for raising a child, she encourages all parents in all situations to embrace her stories to help strengthen their roles in their children's lives.

Danielle is currently a regular guest host on The Fun Network's new show, Solo Parenting. She also currently has a web site called Save an Infant, LLC, which created magnets for use in caretaker environments as a reference for life saving tips for children.

Her newest products, Milk Bee Gone™, Glam Bees™, and The Adventures of Breezy Beezy are specifically geared towards parents to help them balance out the challenges of parenting and being a professional, whether single or happily married. Milk Bee Gone™ formula was a direct result of her own curiosity over how to resolve the issue of the smell and stains caused by spilt milk without the need for professional cleaning or replacement of fabrics. The Glam Bees line of accessories eases the task of making your child look fashionable easily and quickly and even on a budget! The Adventures of Breezy Beezy helps combine the parents' reading time with lessons about what it's like to overcome limitations and dealing with diversity.

Danielle's life experiences are the inspiration for her products that she refers to as "products made for children ~ designed for busy parents". It is her desire to dedicate herself to the success of these products to not only help other parents but to also allow her to a pave a way for her success, which will ultimately lead to more time with her daughter.