Come along with Breezy Beezy and her Flying Friends!

It’s the perfect good night, sleep tight book

We are excited about the launch of a series of children's books entitled, The Adventures of Breezy Beezy™.

Your child will fly along with Breezy on her adventures, learning new things as they go! Every book ends with assisting parents in getting their children ready for bedtime.

An instant cleaning spray for on-the-go parents, specifically formulated to stop odor causing bacterias found in milk and baby formula. This spray has a crisp, clean scent and it's enzymatic ingredients stop spilt milk and formula instantly from forming into a commonly found "spoiled rotten" smell.

Safe to use on blankets and bedding, children's clothes, carpets, car and car seats.

"No more crying over spilt milk!" Truly, this is a parent and caregivers best friend!

Milk Bee Gone